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Hi Lo Auto Sales - Used Car Dealership - Frederick MD

Hi Lo Auto Sales Selling Used Cars in Frederick, MD.

2020 Blog Vault

State Of The Used Car Market
June 23

The Used Car Market: It’s a Crazy Year

 Have you noticed a change in the Maryland used car market? We have. Maryland, and across the nation, is experiencing a surge in used vehicle sales. Stimulus checks, side-gig money, and a shortage of new cars have spurred an increase in the sale of used vehicles. 

If you are looking for a used car, we provide some Hi Lo Auto Sales tips in this blog. 

5 Hi Lo Tips to Find a Used Car

 To find a used car, you need to do your homework. Here are a few tips from the sales team at Hi Lo Auto Sales:

  1. Make a list of features and benefits needed in your ideal pre-owned vehicle. Do you need a four-door vehicle, an extra-large trunk, a pickup, or a van? How many seats do you need for your family? Is this a work or business vehicle? Be sure to make a list of all the Wants vs. Needs and bring the list with you as you shop for a used car.
  2. What’s your budget? Do you need a loan to purchase the used vehicle? Know your budget before browsing for a vehicle. Let your sales representative know your budget range.
  3. If this is your first vehicle, Hi Lo Auto Sales has a program specifically for first-time car buyers. Let your sales representative know if this is your first auto and learn about your options at Hi Lo Auto Sales.
  4. Is this an immediate need, or do you have time to wait for the perfect used vehicle to fit your needs? Let your sales representative know if you need to purchase a car this week or need assistance looking across inventory.
  5. If you need an auto this week, be ready to test drive your first choice on the lot and a few backup options. Remember that the used vehicle market is hot, and other buyers may be looking at the same car.

It’s Supply and Demand

 There is one fact that always remains true in economics. When the supply goes down, prices go up. During the COVID-19 crisis, new car inventories fell across Maryland and beyond. As the stock of new cars fell, buyers shifted to the used vehicle market. Prices of used inventory are on the rise. 

As prices go up, you may find that the car that fits all your wants is just out of your budget.  Remember, some of your wishes can be obtained in the aftermarket. Perhaps, you can add a new sound system, a trailer hitch, a new truck bed liner, or a trunk organizer after your purchase. Your focus may need to be on your “Need List” this year. 

Communicate with a Sales Professional

 Do some preliminary homework and let your sales professional assist with finding used vehicle options to fit your needs. A used car professional can often find you the perfect match and provide services beyond an internet-based experience. 

If you are looking for a quality used car in Maryland, be sure to browse our online car and truck inventory. We have four Maryland locations to serve you, Cockeysville, Ellicott City, and two in Frederick. So how can we help you?


5 Tips to Purchasing a Business Vehicle
June 11

Purchasing a Business Vehicle

 As the economy bounces back from the COVID 19 crisis, you may find that it is time to invest in a business vehicle. A used car, truck, or van may fit your needs, over purchasing a new vehicle or leasing. 

Before visiting HiLo Auto, here are a few steps to take to prepare for your search and purchase. 

5 Tips to Purchasing a Business Vehicle

 Although the trained staff at HiLo Auto is ready to help you find the perfect vehicle, purchasing for a business is different from buying a personal car. So, we put together a list of tips to review before starting your search. 

  1. Talk to your CPA or tax consultant about the purchase. While a sales rep can help you locate the perfect vehicle to fit your business needs, sales agents cannot give your good tax advice. We are experts in the used car market, but you should always speak to an expert about your business taxes. For example, would an energy-efficient vehicle provide a business tax break? Ask the experts.
  2. The next call that you should make is to your business insurance agent. Ask general questions about adding a vehicle to your business policy. This will be your first call to your insurance agent to acquire available information. Once you find a collection of possible vehicles, you will make a second call to obtain quotes. As with purchasing a personal auto, you want to ensure that the insurance payment fits your budget.
  3. Now, it is time to make a list of Needs vs. Wants. If you are a regular reader of our blogs, you already know how important it is to review your Needs vs. Wants. It is imperative when purchasing a business vehicle. Here are a few things to consider:
    1. Do you need to pull a work trailer with a truck or van?
    2. Do you need to transport employees to a work site?
    3. Will your vehicle be for customer deliveries? Need a large trunk?
    4. What is the ideal gas mileage for your business budget?
    5. Do you need a car that is easy to park, such as in the city of DC or Baltimore?
  4. Don’t forget that the vehicle could become part of your marketing plan. Do you need a specific color vehicle to match your fleet or your logo? Will you purchase an after-market wrap for the vehicle? Note that vehicle marketing often gets 30,000-70,000 impressions from commuters a day.
  5. What about add-ons? Perhaps a truck that already has a tow package would save you the expense of after-market installation. Make a review of your “wants” list and compare it to your budget. Be ready to compare vehicles and give bonus points to those that already fit some of the items on your Needs vs. Wants list.

 Set an Appointment & Test Drive

 Once you review our 5 tips and have made a list, get in touch with our trained sales team.  Review your list with our team and set an appointment to test drive vehicles that fit your list. 

If possible, bring a co-worker or team leader with you to test-drive vehicles. For example, if the vehicle will transport a team to a job site, bring the team leader. During the test drive process, a second opinion is helpful. 

Once you find a collection of vehicles that match your needs, it is time to make that second call to your insurance agent. Review the autos with your agent and get a quote. If you are acquiring a business loan to make the purchase, you also want to reach out to your lender or work with our team. 

The HiLo Auto sales staff will be ready to help you finish the transaction. 

If you are looking for a quality used car in Maryland, be sure to our inventory of used cars and trucks. We have four Maryland locations to serve you, Cockeysville, Ellicott City, and two in Frederick. So how can we help you?


The Daily Commute
May 24

The Daily Commute

Many in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia (DMV) region have been working from home for over a year. As WFH transitions into a hybrid work environment or even an office environment, many find themselves preparing for the daily commute. It has been a long time, and many things have changed. For example, have you noticed the increase in the price of a gallon of gas? 

Is your car commute worthy? Now is the time to review your options.

 Autos for the Commute to Work

Recently, we have blogged about cars and trucks for weekend fun and adventure. Still, it may be time to also discuss your workweek commute. You may be driving all the way to your office or to a public transportation hub. Either way, it's time to review the HiLo Auto checklist. 

(If you are still looking for your perfect weekend adventure auto, browse through our recent blogs)

 Use our HiLo checklist to review the viability of your current car or as a pre-shopping checklist.

The HiLo Auto Checklist: 5 Points to Consider

  1. Do I need a “Commuter’s Car”? If you drive more than 60 miles a day, round-trip, to work, you should consider a “Commuter’s Car." Consider a car that gets better gas mileage than your current auto. Review the condition of your existing automobile. Is it ready to roll for 15,600+ miles over the next year? 
  2. Should you add a second car for commuting, or should you replace your current vehicle with a better-suited auto? What is the average gas mileage on your current vehicle? First, review today's average price for a gallon of gas. It may have gone up since you last commuted daily to an office. Then, download the smartphone app GasBuddy to review the prices in your region and on your commute route.
  3. Do you need a four-season auto to commute to work? You may not have commuted in last Winter’s snow season, but you may be commuting next Winter. Is your current car up to par? You may now need to consider a 4WD if you are a staff member that must get to work, even in the snow.
  4. Did you start leasing an auto during the COVID pandemic? You may want to consider the commuting mileage and your lease agreement.
  5. Perhaps you want to extend the lifespan of your current vehicle. Then, it may be time to purchase a used commuter vehicle.

Shopping for a Commuter Car

If it is time to shop for a commuter car, make a list of your wants and needs. If you are a staff member that must get to work in all weather conditions, a 4WD auto may need to be placed on your "needs" list. A great sound system to listen to your favorite tunes is a "want." It is essential to know the difference before shopping for any auto. 

Perhaps you are a sales representative that needs to carry supplies in a roomy trunk, or you may be planning to carpool to work. Or do you need a car that is easy to park? 

Before starting your search, make a list of your Wants vs. Needs. Then, bring the list with you to any of the three HiLo Auto locations in Maryland. Our sales team can help you find the perfect commuter car to fit your needs… and your wants. 

If you are looking for a quality used car in Maryland, be sure to browse our used vehicle inventory. We have four Maryland locations to serve you, Cockeysville, Ellicott City, and two in Frederick. So how can we help you?


Tips For Buying A Buying Truck
May 17

Tips for Buying a Used Truck

 If you are a reader of our blogs, you know that we always suggest starting a search for a used vehicle with a "Wants & Needs" list. However, when searching for a used truck, you may find the line between a want and a need is blurred. 

(If you have not read our recent blogs, feel free to browse our library for helpful tips and current guides for purchasing a used vehicle)

 You may need a truck with a crew cab to fit your kids and a dog. You also may want a long bed to accommodate a desired truck camper. Or perhaps you need a long bed for your landscaping business. You may also need a truck with a towing capacity for your travel trailer or boat.

Purchasing a used truck has a unique checklist. Below are tips from the HiLo Auto team…

Buying a Used Truck in Maryland

 As you begin your search for a used truck, follow these tips to ensure an easy transaction:

  1. First, start your search with a “Want & Needs” list. Begin with a needs list and then fill in your wants. For example, if you have a boat or a travel trailer (or you intend to purchase one), ensure that you know the tow weight. Or, if you want to bring your family or staff, you want a truck with a crew cab. You can quickly narrow your search with a “Want & Needs” list.
  2. If you need to finance your purchase, preview your credit and know your budget before starting your search. Be sure to include the cost of insurance and taxes.
  3. Will you need to add upgrades, such as a tow package, to the truck? Know the cost of these items. Perhaps your top choice truck will already have the needed packages, or you may need to add them post-sale. If you know the average cost, you can better estimate the actual cost or value of the purchase.
  4. Research the performance history of the make, model, and engine of the truck. If your research narrows your search to a specific brand, let your sales representative know.
  5. What will be your use of a truck? Is it a weekend vehicle, or will you also use it for a commute to the office? If you know your use of the truck, the concern over mileage comes into focus (both gas mileage as well as current miles on the truck). Even a truck with high mileage may have a lot of life left and fit your needs.
  6. Check the tires for tread wear. Know the cost of replacing the tires if it appears that they may need to be replaced shortly. Of course, you will want to know the cost of new tires to include in your truck maintenance plan.
  7. Research replacement parts and truck maintenance needs. You may find that the maintenance plan differs from an auto that you already own.
  8. Call your insurance agent and ask for an estimate on adding the truck to your annual plan before buying the truck.

Truck Ownership

 Is it time to add a truck to your driveway? Will you drive it around town for errands, or is it only a weekend truck? Ask questions, create a “Wants & Needs” list and visit HiLo Auto. We can help you find a truck that fits your current needs. 

If you are looking for a quality used car in Maryland, be sure to browse our inventory of used cars and trucks. We have four Maryland locations to serve you, Cockeysville, Ellicott City, and two in Frederick. So how can we help you?

Your Adventure Vehicle!
April 12

Your Adventure Vehicle

In a recent blog, we told you about scenic drives across Maryland (Browse our blog library for all the details). Warm weather is just ahead, and you are already planning your Summer adventures. From the Catoctin mountains to the Chesapeake Bay, Maryland is an adventure destination. Do you need an adventure vehicle? 

You may be looking for a four-wheel drive, or perhaps you need a vehicle to tow your boat, jet skis, or even a travel trailer. You can find the perfect adventure vehicle at HiLo Auto in Maryland. Here are tips from our auto team. 

4WD Vehicle Tips

 Before purchasing a 4WD vehicle, spend time considering your needs and wants. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before buying a 4WD car:

  1. After the snow last winter, are you looking for a vehicle to tackle snow-covered roads?
  2. Will this be an off-road vehicle only, or do you plan also to drive it around town?
  3. Do you want to tow a trailer with your ATV or pull a travel trailer?
  4. Once you decide your needs, consider your wants. Is a luxury interior a priority, or what about the sound system?

After you decide your wants vs. needs, it is time to test drive used vehicles. As you test drive used 4WD trucks and other vehicles, take special note of any after-market modifications if you plan to tow a trailer or camper.

Does your new 4WD vehicle have a tow package? A tow package is an asset factored into the value of the vehicle. 

Purchasing a Tow Vehicle