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Hi Lo Auto Sales - Used Car Dealership - Frederick MD

Hi Lo Auto Sales Selling Used Cars in Frederick, MD.

2020 Blog Vault

The Negatives of Buying a Car Online

 As we all now live in the new COVID-19 world, you may have considered purchasing your next used car online. You have seen the ads for both Carvana and Vroom. On TV, the process looks easy and fast. Lurking under the surface are a few negatives, especially if you purchase a used car in Maryland.  (keep reading to find out why…)

 Online browsing for used vehicles has been available for years. You may have browsed TrueCar, AutoTrader, or CarFax already. 

Although you can use those sites to browse a collection of available cars, you still need to visit a local dealership to complete the transaction.  Even today, there are positives to the in-person experience at a dealership. 

When visiting a HiLo Auto Sales in Frederick, Ellicott City, or Cockeysville, Maryland, you will note that our team is dedicated to adhering to current COVID-19 guidelines and standards. If you consider purchasing a used car from an online service due to COVID-19, call us to discuss how we can serve your needs.

The Worries of Purchasing a Car Online

If you are still considering purchasing a used car from an online service, here are a few additional things to consider.

  1. Are you sure that the online photo is of the vehicle that you would like to purchase, or is it a stock photo? Did the online dealership provide pictures of both the exterior and interior of the car?
  2. What if something goes wrong with the transaction? Is there a customer care representative that will offer personal assistance?
  3. How long is the delivery timeline? Days…weeks or next month? Marketing for online dealerships often shows someone shopping from their sofa…and then a knock on the door with a car in the driveway. What is the actual delivery timeline for a vehicle purchased online?
  4. Will you owe shipping fees? What if you do not like the car when it arrives or after you test drive it? Do you also pay the cost to return the vehicle?
  5. Does the vehicle have a clean title without liens?
  6. Will a customer care representative go over the finance contracts and any warranty information with you before you take the auto-delivery?
  7. Are there service records for the automobile, and will you be able to review them before committing to the delivery?
  8. Maryland Buyers: Has the car been inspected, and do you know if it will pass Maryland emission standards?

After reading these eight points, you have probably already guessed what’s next... 

When you visit HiLo Auto Sales in Maryland, we will ensure that you test drive the used cars that fit your needs. Our team will review finance and warranty options with you, as we try to make the process easy and fast.

Rest assured, the used cars on our lots will also pass the Maryland emission standards test. 

Our professional team is here to serve the Maryland community with in-person customer service.  We hope to see you soon.


Winter Car Safety
December 22

Winter Weather-Proof Your Car

 Snow, freezing rain, and mud...  We have seen it across Maryland in the past few weeks.  Travel has been difficult, but what is all this wet weather doing to our autos? And how do we weather-proof our cars?

In past months, we have written blogs about maintaining your car. If you have not read those blogs, scroll down. In this blog, we provide updates and tips to maintain your vehicle through the Winter season.

Get prepared!  Additional Winter weather is on the way…

Five Tips for Car Maintenance in Winter Weather

 Tip #1: Tire Pressure. It is essential year-round, but as temperatures dip, it is crucial to closely monitor your tire pressure. Cold temperatures may cause your tire pressure to become too low. Under-inflated tires, especially on slick roads, is a real driving hazard. 

Tip #2: All-Weather Floor Mats. Protect the interior of your car with all-weather floor mats.  Floor mats not only protect the interior of your vehicle, but they help maintain the value of your auto. 

Tip #3: Fluid Levels are Important. Check your fluid levels often. A way to professionally manage your fluid levels is to add a fluid check to your next oil change. During the Winter, be sure to top off your antifreeze—windshield wiper fluid often. While checking your fluid levels, also check your battery and lights. 

Tip #4: Car Wax. It may be too cold to wax your car yourself but consider using a local car wash or detailing service to add a layer of wax. Protect your auto from road salt and wash often. 

Tip #5: Pack Your Emergency Kit. Add a Winter Emergency Kit to your car, including a warm blanket, water, and non-perishable snacks. Add a snow shovel, a mobile phone, and a charger.  Top off your fuel before a storm. It is possible to become stuck in your car during a Winter storm in Maryland. Be prepared with a Winter Emergency Kit that is easy to access. 

Five Tips for Driving in Maryland Winter Weather

 In Maryland, you can expect a mixed bag of winter precipitation. What may start as a rainy day can quickly change to snow. If you cannot stay at home, here are a few tips for driving in Maryland in the Winter. 

Tip #1: Slow Down. Be sure to slow acceleration and deceleration. Strive for gradual change.

Tip #2: Increase your following time to five or six seconds, meaning you count five to six full seconds as you clock the distance between you and the vehicle you’re following.

Tip #3: Know your brakes and know when to use them. Give yourself plenty of room to stop. If you need new brakes, now is the time to schedule that appointment.

Tip #4: Beware of Hills. Try not to power up hills and try not to stop on hills. If possible, keep a gradual pace. 

Tip #5: Plan Your Route. Listen to the news and pre-plan your route. 

How Can We Help?

If you are looking for a used car, visit one of the HiLo Auto Sales locations in Maryland. You can find us in Frederick, Cockeysville, and Ellicott City, Maryland. Need financing options? We can help with that too. 

Drive Safe!


The HiLo Auto Gift Guide

If you have been reading our 2020 blogs (we hope you have), then you know that we have provided many tips for maintaining your vehicle. In this blog, we have turned those tips into a shopping guide.

We are posting this blog in December, so, of course, each item would make an excellent holiday gift. But, these items are gift-worthy at any time of the year. 

If you need to catch up on our weekly blogs, scroll down. In the past year, we have provided tips on test driving, purchasing, and maintaining a used car. 

Our Auto Gift Guide

If you need a gift for a car lover, this list is for you. As a bonus, you can find many of these products at either a retail store or an on-line retailer. You can find most at a local shop, including an auto parts store. Shopping made easy…

#1: The Car Wash Kit

This gift is excellent for any car owner. And the kits come in different price points to fit your budget. The best way to keep a car looking new is to include regular washings in a routine. Make it easy with a Car Wash Kit. Here are three choices:

  1. Armor All Car Wash and Interior Cleaner Kit. This kit includes a towel, tire foam, glass, protectant, and cleaning spray with an average retail price of $16
  2. The Turtle Wax Ultimate Car Care Kit. This kit includes everything that you need to keep both the exterior and interior of your car clean, including wax. The average retail price of this kit is $30.
  3. The Chemical Guys Best Car Wash Bucket Kit. In product tests, this kit often wins. It is at the top of the budget at an average retail price of $80. It is the perfect gift for any car enthusiast. 

#2: The Roadside Emergency Kit 

Everyone should have a roadside emergency kit.  You can assemble a kit yourself while visiting a local car parts retail store or purchase a pre-assembled kit.  Here are two choices: 

  1. The Always Prepared 62- Piece Roadside Emergency Kit can be found at retail stores or on-line for an average price of $30. We like this low-cost option because it also contains a set of jumper cables—and everyone should have those in the auto.
  2. The First Secure Car Emergency and First Aid Kit. This kit will cover your needs through any emergency as it includes both a first aid kit and items to fix your car and signal for assistance. You can find this kit on-line for an average price of $65.

#3: The New Driver's Handbook 

HiLo Auto has a First Time Car Buyer's Program; so, we suggest a top-selling book to new drivers. You can find the book on-line for an average price of $12. "The Driving Book:  Everything New Drivers Need to Know but Don't Know to Ask" makes the perfect gift for any new driver or a first-time car buyer. 

If you would like information about the HiLo Auto First Time Car Buyer's Program, you can find it here. HiLo Auto has worked with lenders to bring you a unique program, only for first-time car buyers.

Is your son or daughter always using your car? Well, here is a gift for you too! We have a program that can get them into a used car…without your co-signature on the loan. You get your car back, and they can begin building their credit. It is a win-win. 

The HiLo Auto Team looks forward to helping you find your perfect next used car.


Finding the Right Used Car in Maryland

 As soon as you drive a new car off the lot, it depreciates (goes down in book value). If you are looking for a dependable vehicle that fits your needs, consider driving a used auto. Sure, it may take extra time to find the used car on your "want list," but the value is worth your time.

Due to many factors, including COVID-19, the automobile market is tight in Maryland. Inventory has been low in the past six months, but there are solutions to fit your needs. Here, we will outline a few steps to take to find the automobile that fits your budget.

Used Car Search Steps & Tips

 First, browse our recent blogs and establish your budget. How much car can you afford? What is your credit score? Once you have your budget range, and know your credit score, follow the below steps.

  1. Yes, there are many car search websites, community bulletin boards, digital magazines, and even print magazines for a Maryland car search. Purchasing a used car does involve more steps than buying a new car. Instead of browsing digital and print lists of used cars for sale across Maryland, consider visiting a used car specialist.
  2. Before contacting a used car specialist, make a list of both needs and wants of the auto features. An example of a "need" is a 4-door vehicle with an easy-to-use hatchback. An example of a "want" would be a Bose sound system. Once you have created your list of needs and wants, spend some time reading online reviews of the best used cars of the year. Browsing reviews with your list will help you establish a target list of potential autos.
  3. Call the sales department at the used car specialist dealership and review your list of needs, wants, and potential auto candidates with a trained sales professional. If they do not have the exact car of your dreams on their lot, they may have it on the lot at a different location or have a lead on finding the auto.
  4. Keep an open mind and be willing to test drive alternatives. This is where a trained, used car professional can assist. They can suggest alternatives. Be prepared to test drive several options. You may just be surprised at what you find.

 5 Reasons to Buy from a Dealership

 As you read this blog, you may be wondering why you should purchase from a dealership instead of an auto found on a community sales board. Well, here are a few reasons.

  1. Auto Financing: An auto dealership can help find funding to fit your needs. If you are financing your purchase, consider the options provided through the dealership.
  2. Certified Used Cars or Warranties: It may be easier to find a used car with an existing manufacturer's warranty when shopping at a dealership. You will also find financing deals on Certified vehicles—and lower interest rates. Some used car dealerships also provide warranties.
  3. Easy Car Purchase: The purchase transaction will be seamless. Let trained professionals handle the paperwork, including registering your auto in Maryland.
  4. Trust: Most used car dealerships have been around for a long time and have a reputation in the community to hold.
  5. Clear Vehicle Title: Unlike a private-party auto sale, a used car dealership can guarantee a clear title.

Purchasing a Used Car in Maryland

 Although the auto industry has taken a hit in 2020, there are used car options available in Maryland. HiLo Auto employs trained professionals that can guide you through the process of finding the perfect used car. If you are a first-time car buyer, ask about our unique program. HiLo Auto is the Used Car solution in Maryland.


Purchasing a Used Car or Lease New?

 You may be weighing the options purchasing a used car vs. leasing a new vehicle. Many who need a vehicle compare the two options. Well, here is the blog that outlines the Pros and Cons of choosing to lease a vehicle.

Before looking at the Pros and Cons of each choice, ask yourself two key questions. 

Question 1: How will you use the car? Will you use the vehicle for commuting across the region or as a mobile business office? Or are you only going to use the car to drive around town and run a few errands? Perhaps it is a "weekend drive" car.

Question 2: How long do you want to keep the car? Do you enjoy driving a new car every three to four years?

A Look at the Leased Auto Market

When leasing a new auto, your out-of-pocket expense is lower than purchasing a used or even a new car. Often, you can find a “no money down” lease.  

The secondary benefit of leasing an auto is driving a new car every three to four years. If you need an “image car” for your job, a lease may be your best choice.

But there are negatives to choosing an automobile lease for your transportation needs. Here are a few of the negatives to consider before signing on that dotted line and driving a leased car off the lot: 

  1. You will still have monthly payments. Leasing an auto means that you will always make monthly payments. Depending on the automobile of choice, they may be similar to a used car's monthly payment.
  2. Your insurance premiums may be higher on a leased vehicle. Keep in mind that the lease company will outline the insurance needed to keep the lease in good standing.
  3. Your contract includes the average number of miles per year you may drive the car. What happens when you go over the mileage allotment? You will pay a penalty fee when you turn the car back into the dealership. Some leases include a per-mile penalty. Do you want to spend the 3 to 4-year lease stressed about miles driven?
  4. Often, leases include a wear and tear penalty. Be prepared to pay a fine for dings, scratches, and stained upholstery. Just like watching mileage, you will also be monitoring all wear and tear and estimating your penalty.
  5. You cannot make any changes to your leased car. Want to add a smartphone holder to your dash? Will it leave a ding or a scratch?
  6. AND the big negative: At the end of the three to four-year lease, you do not own the car. You return the auto to the dealership, and you have no equity from your monthly payments.

The Benefits of a Used Car  

If you’re weighing your options between a new car and a used car, browse the weekly HiLo Auto blogs. HiLo Auto is Maryland's choice for used vehicles. We often help customers compare the purchase of a new car vs. a used car.

Maybe you are considering an auto lease because your real desire is to drive a new car. There are late model used cars available in Maryland that offer many benefits. Here are a few benefits of a used car.

  1. When purchasing a used car, you will have lower out-of-pocket expenses than buying a new car.
  2. Your insurance payments will be lower with a used vehicle.
  3. The value of a new car drops as soon as you drive the car off the sales lot. Most of the depreciation in a vehicle is within the first three years. Used cars hold their value longer.
  4. Today, a well-maintained used car will perform well past 100K miles.

As you compare your choices and create a Pro and Con list, answer the questions in this blog.  Then, review our benefit and negative list. The HiLo Auto Team is here to answer your questions. How can we help you?


The New Commute

Those of us who live in the Maryland region, and work in DC or Northern Virginia, know "The Commute." Many of us left home at dawn, and our commute included the MARC rail, the Metro, or a carpool. Or maybe a combination of public transportation.

More than 40% of us have been working at home over the past six months. The commute has been a walk down the hall of our home. Have you started thinking about your return to company office? You know that could happen over the coming months. 

Right now, train stations, metro stops, and regional buses are relatively empty. And it may stay that way far into the future. Ask locals about their thoughts on returning to public transportation post-COVID, and you do not get a favorable response. Many do not even like the idea of carpooling with friends in their neighborhood. Ride-sharing apps get a hard "no."

The Personal Car Commute

 One trend emerging from the virus pandemic is a return to the commute in a personal car.  Even as employers consider a more flexible office-home balance, many will return to the office, at least a few days a week. Most will drive to work.

Attitudes about commuting have changed. A personal car has become the transportation of choice for the new commute. It is your private space, and social distancing is a given. So are sanitizing choices. There are few unknowns as you drive your personal car—or share your ride with a small group…The car is your COVID bubble. 

If you live near public transportation options, you may have started 2020 either without a personal car or sharing a car in your household. You may be forward-looking into 2021 and considering a personal auto solution for your commute. 

The Used Car Solution

 This year, we have written blogs about the actual cost of car ownership and "How Much Car Can I Afford?" We think that a used car is the perfect future commuting solution. (For ideas, be sure to browse our recent blogs.)

How much does a new car depreciate in the first year? The answer is 20-30%! 

In the past 20 years, the DMV urban sprawl has creeped out 40+ miles. The average office worker can commute those 40 miles each way. Do you really want to add those miles to your new car and increase the rate of depreciation? No, you do not. 

A used vehicle is the perfect personal car solution as you resume commuting to the office. 

What Is the Cost?

A used car is a great commuting solution, but you may be wondering about the cost.

One way to cover the cost of a used auto for "The Commute" is to use funds you once spent on public transportation. Or perhaps your employer once provided metro cards, train tickets, or ride-share funds as an employment perk. If you are asked to return to the office environment, can those funds be shifted to a car allowance?

As you calculate the cost of used car ownership, also consider fuel and maintenance. You will also want to discuss the purchase with your insurance agent. Be sure that you can afford not only the auto but the real cost of ownership. (Another reason to browse our weekly blogs—we provide the math and the stats on auto ownership)

Look to the Future

HiLo Auto stocks used cars in a multitude of price points. We are also a team of sales and service professionals that can introduce you to trusted lenders. We even have a First Time Auto Buyers Program

Look to the future…are you ready to resume “The Commute”?  What is your plan?