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2021 Auto Market Trends to Follow for 2022
December 17

2021 Auto Market Trends to Follow for 2022

As we wrap up 2021, it's beneficial to look at trends as we prepare for the following year. 

Usually, the auto market is somewhat predictable. This year, there were a few surprise twists. What trends have impacted the HiLo Auto used car lots in Maryland? Here are our top 3 trends in the DMV region:

  1. Driver Support Features: Features such as lane departure warnings, blind-spot warnings, and auto emergency braking remain popular in the used auto market.
  2. Connected Autos: Recently, we published a blog reviewing connected auto features. Connected autos are hitting the used car market, and we have a selection. In 2020, 47.5 million connected cars sold in the new auto market.
  3. Hybrid Autos: The sale of new hybrid autos is predicted to hit 40% by 2025, and the trend has arrived in the used auto market. As organizations and government agencies return to in-person work, a hybrid auto will certainly help with the commute cost.

The Twist in 2021 Car and Truck Trends

By mid-2021, we all began to see the impact of a break in the international supply chain. New autos sat in storage, waiting for the all-important chip. This break in the new auto chain sent many buyers to the used car market. Supply and demand quickly impacted both the availability and price of both new and used autos. 

We know that you have questions about the impact of the national supply chain crisis on the used car market in Maryland. We are here to answer your questions. As we strive to manage our inventory of high-quality used autos, we are also buying cars and trucks. If you have an automobile to sell, let us know

Fuel Economy and Affordability of Your Next Car or Truck

As gas prices surged to over $3 a gallon, fuel economy became the leading trend to watch. Used car buyers are looking for the auto with the best fuel economy. Fuel economy is now the top “want and need” of buyers.

Buyers are also looking for an affordable purchase. They are looking for an auto that fits their needs, while the "want" list has changed in the second half of 2021.

If you are looking for ways to save on fuel costs, be sure to browse our library of blogs for tips from our professional team. For example, just ensuring that your tires are adequately inflated improves mileage. 

Purchasing a New Vehicle in 2022

The HiLo Auto team is here to answer your questions and to help you find the auto that fits your needs. In 2022, HiLo Auto will continue to provide top-notch services at all three of our locations in Maryland. 

Do you need an auto loan? We can provide the connection to twenty lenders. Our staff can also tell you about insurance and maintenance plans. 

If you are a first-time auto buyer, we have a program for you too.

In 2022, let the HiLo Auto team help you find the ideal car to fit your needs. Browse our website for today’s inventory.

The Connected Car & The Used Car Market
December 06

The Connected Car & The Used Car Market

Technology wrapped in 5G is impacting the automobile marketplace in 2021. If you are visiting the HiLo Auto website, you are most likely in the market for a used automobile.

So, why are we blogging about connected cars? It only takes twenty-four months for a new trend to arrive on a used car lot in Maryland. Did you know that 47.5 million connected cars were sold in 2020?

5G wireless technology may be pushing the trend, but connected cars are not new. A connected vehicle communicates with systems outside the auto, using the Internet. Faster smartphone connectivity is now bringing forward new applications. Both Apple and Google have a large footprint in the arena. 

It may be time to update your car shopping “Wants & Needs” list for 2022. 

Connected Car Applications

Connected mobile applications are quickly changing the driving experience. Many application developers now describe an auto as a "data center on wheels." Add the latest smartphones into the mix, and your auto is directly communicating with its infrastructure, other autos, businesses, the cloud, and even your contacts.

Here are five top trends:

  1. Monitoring and maintenance applications: How about an application that can help you avoid a breakdown during your next DMV commute? A vehicle monitoring application can alert you to problems in real-time.
  2. Safe Driver Applications, including Teen Driver Tech.
  3. Technology Key Applications. Lock and unlock your auto remotely.
  4. Wi-Fi Applications. How often have you needed a secure WiFi hotspot while on a road trip? Now, you can turn your auto into a roving, safe hot spot.
  5. Fleet Management Tools. Imagine managing your fleet of trucks with a software application.

The United States is surging ahead of other countries in the connected car application development arena. Many developers who were already creating smartphone applications are now developing in the connected car market. Expect to see rapid development over the new few years. 

Your Search for a Used Vehicle   

Browse the HiLo Auto library of blogs, and you will see great advice for used car shoppers. A top tip is to write a "Wants & Needs List" before shopping for a vehicle. An example of a "need" would be a four-door auto with room for your two kids in the back seat. A "want" may include a specific sound system or heated seats.

While considering an Internet-connected auto, it can be said that the feature could land on either or both of your Wants and Needs List. Perhaps you are shopping for vehicles to create a business fleet, and you know that a connected car will provide critical business tax information.

Or you have a teen driver and can receive a break on insurance premiums while using a Teen Driver application. Or you want to be prepared and shop for the future of connected technology and applications.

If purchasing a connected car is essential to you, be sure to tell your HiLo Auto professional sales representative. Our inventory of cars and trucks changes daily, and we always strive to find the vehicle that fits both your needs and your wan

The HiLo Auto Winter Maintenance Checklist
November 22

The HiLo Auto Winter Maintenance Checklist

We have published blogs about the importance of car maintenance, but as the temperatures dip, it is time to focus on winter maintenance. Winter temperatures call for specific maintenance tips. In this blog, our HiLo Auto maintenance team provides their top tips.

Top Winter Car and Truck Maintenance Tips

Properly maintaining your auto is key to the lifespan of your car. Plus, maintenance helps preserve the value of your vehicle. Winter maintenance is also a safety issue. Here are some of our tip tips.

Tires, Tires, Tires

Temperature fluctuations impact tire pressure. During winter, it is essential to check your tire pressure weekly. Tire pressure is critical when driving on wet, icy, or snowy roads in the DMV regions.

Your tires lose a pound of pressure with every 10-degree temperature drop. To find the proper tire pressure for your vehicle, open your driver’s door and look for a sticker inside the doorframe.

Check Your Auto Fluids

Do you have enough windshield wiper fluid? Now is the time to have extra. They love to throw salt on icy roads during Maryland winters. Make sure you have washer fluid to get that gunk off your windshield when driving.

Have all your auto's fluids checked when you get your oil changed (transmission, brake, steering, etc.) and continue to monitor the windshield wiper fluid.

Speaking of Your Car’s Windshield Wipers

Protect your windshield wipers. When expecting freezing rain or snow, keep your wipers in the upright position to prevent them from freezing to your windshield.

Plus, it makes scraping the ice much easier. On those cold Maryland winter mornings, you need all the help you can get.

Keep Your Car or Truck’s Gas Tank Filled

You already know that the daily commute in the Washington, DC, and Maryland regions can lead to unexpected problems.

Snow and bad road conditions lead to travel delays. Ensure that you have enough gas to sit in traffic, especially when it’s cold out.

Emergency Kit for Your Car or Truck

Speaking of being stranded on a cold road in the DMV, review your auto emergency kit and make any updates. Make sure you have the following…

  • warm blanket
  • hats and gloves
  • bottled water
  • non-perishable food
  • shovel for winter snow and ice

This might sound extreme, but each year, the media covers stranded drivers on the DC beltway, I-270, and beyond. You’ll appreciate that prep if you ever get stranded. Stay prepared.

Protect the Lifespan of Your Auto with 4 Winter Tips

During winter, it is vital to protect the exterior of your auto. Protecting the body extends the lifespan of your car.

And if you are planning to trade in your car in 2022, you will want to pay close attention to all the details. Here are some HiLo Auto tips for preserving the exterior of your vehicle this winter.

  1. Wax is important. For a cold Maryland winter, add a coat of polymer wax to your auto. The wax will protect your car from exposure to salt, road grime, sleet, and snow.
  2. After a Maryland storm, head to a professional car wash. Wash road salt off your vehicle as soon as the storm is over, and roads have been cleared. 
  3. Swap out cloth floor mats with rubber mats to keep road salt off of your floorboards. (Plus, rubber floor mats are a selling feature of your auto)
  4. Inspect your auto for rust often during the winter. Rust can rapidly spread during winter with constant exposure to road salt and chemicals. If you find rust, take immediate action.

Used Vehicles and Winter Sales in Maryland

Maintaining an inventory of quality used cars is a year-round goal at HiLo Auto. We are looking for well-maintained used vehicles to add to our inventory. If you have an auto to sell, click here:  https://www.hiloautosales.com/hilo-buys-cars

Your Holiday Road Trip Guide
November 10

Your Holiday Road Trip Guide

Millions of Americans are getting back on the road this year for a holiday road trip. Whether you are traveling with a group of friends, family, kids, or pets, it is not too soon to start planning your trip. 

If in the past two years, a lot has changed, including suggestions for a holiday road trip. Here are some tips from the HiLo Auto Team.

Break Some Road Trip Rules This Year

This year, it may be time to break a few of the traditional road trip rules. Here are a few rules worth breaking.

  1. Don't plan your rest and entertainment stops in advance. In the past, you may have always stopped at a favorite restaurant or roadside attraction. This year, prepare to be flexible, especially if you have kids with you. Don't promise a specific stop or attraction. With many establishments changing their hours, features, and menus, you may hit an unwelcome surprise if you over-promise an attraction.
  2. It’s OK to include some screen time in the car for passengers, especially kids. You may be trying to cut back on screen and movie binging, but a long road trip is a perfect excuse to break a few rules. Especially if screentime it includes watching holiday movies.
  3. Pack some great snacks for the whole family, including pets. A long road trip may not be the best time to insist on only fresh fruit for snacks. It is time to bring some treats that may not usually be allowed. Make the day special and dole out some treats throughout the day.
  4. If traveling with kids, invest in back-of-the-seat organizers and stock them with dollar store finds and toys. Or a lap desk with coloring books and washable markers.

Is Your Car or Truck Ready for the Trip?

As a Maryland used car dealer, we’re your trusted guide for some road trip tips for your auto. 

  1. Before your departure, have the oil changed on your car and ask that the fluids and tire pressure be checked. Remember, you may experience ice and snow on your journey. Windshield wiper fluid and tires property inflated are crucial to driving in winter weather.
  2. Do not put off that nagging maintenance issue. Get your car in top shape before your departure.
  3. Add an emergency kit to your trunk. You can order a complete kit on Amazon or purchase from any auto supply store. For winter road trips, also add blankets, hats, and gloves.
  4. Be sure to pack emergency food and water for everyone traveling in your car, including pets.
  5. If you add rooftop storage, set up the unit and do a trial drive a few days before departure. Don’t delay your departure with complicated installations. The same goes for bike or kayak racks. Plan ahead for new gear.

You May Not Have Thought of These Road Trip Tips…

  1. Go old school and take a copy of the paper driving directions to your location. Just in case something happens to your phone or in-car GPS, you can move forward with your trip. And take an extra set of keys for your car, truck, or SUV.
  2. Have a checklist of all the electronics that need to go on your road trip. You do not want to make extra stops to purchase a phone charger, laptop charger, or even batteries for new gifts.
  3. Ensure that your pets are wearing collars with ID tags, including your cats. And carry a copy of your pet’s vaccine records. Many hotels are now requiring proof of a current rabies shot.

Is Your Car, Truck, or SUV Ready for the Trip?

After two years of staying close to home, it is time to hit the road! Plan and have a great holiday road trip. And, if while on the trip, you decide that you need a car that better fits your needs, we will be here when you return home. A HiLo Auto professional salesperson can help you find the perfect used auto to fit your current needs.

The HiLo Auto Gift Guide
October 20

The HiLo Auto Gift Guide

There is no doubt that you have heard of this year’s supply chain problem. You may have clicked on this blog just to see if the four Maryland locations of HiLo Auto Sales have an inventory of used vehicles on their lots. We do. Keep reading and we will share details at the bottom of this blog. 

The news is that this year’s supply chain issues will impact holiday gift giving. So, this year’s HiLo Auto Gift Guide will feature gifts that may be easier to find. And they are not just perfect for the holiday season. Here is a list of gift ideas that are perfect for any occasion. 

The 2021 HiLo Auto Gift Guide

Our Maryland team put together a list of gifts and ideas that are perfect for friends, family, and business contacts. 

Auto Gifts for the Commuter

Many are returning to the office and the DMV commute is back. Here are a few gift ideas for the commuter:

  1. A one-year subscription to Audible. Listen to the latest best-selling book or a popular podcast during the commute. A subscription to Audible provides access to thousands of titles with unlimited use.
  2. Gift cards to a favorite coffee, bagel, or donut shop or drive-thru
  3. An insulated coffee mug and a bag of locally roasted coffee
  4. A car window scraper with an extra-long handle paired with a warm hat and gloves or a snow shovel
  5. An auto emergency kit for the trunk of their car

Car Gifts for the “Organizer”

We all have that organized friend or family member. Give the gift of organization for the trunk of their car:

  1. A pop-up trunk organizer can be found at any box store or online.
  2. A soft-sided cooler with re-usable freezer inserts
  3. Re-usable canvas shopping bags with a grocery gift-card
  4. A smartphone app gift card and a list of popular vehicle apps
  5. An auto emergency kit for the trunk of their car
  6. A car wash kit or gift card to a local car wash service

Auto Gifts for the Outdoor Adventure Lover

Recently, we published a blog about Maryland road tips, and we know that many that live and work in Maryland enjoy a weekend adventure.  Here is a list of gift for the adventure lover on your list:

  1. Maryland State Park Annual Pass is the perfect family gift as it provides access to the park to everyone in the vehicle.
  2. A bike or kayak rack. If you cannot find a new rack, browse local second-hand stores and online markets for great deals.
  3. Everyone can use a new collapsible camp chair for the trunk of the car.
  4. Folding sunshades for the beach or a new camping hammock for the woods… both will easily fit in your vehicle

This year, you may need to get creative when gift shopping. Consider a stop at your local auto parts store. Here, you will find vehicle emergency kits, car wash supplies, trunk organizers, and much more.

And for the best gift a loved one can hope for, think about the gift of a pre-owned car or truck! New cars and trucks lose their value once you drive them off the lot. Give them the smart gift of a used car or truck with our reliable warranty!

Yes, all four Maryland locations of HiLo Auto Sales do have used vehicles on their lots. Our professional sales team can help you find the perfect auto to fit your needs or to give as a gift.  Call us to schedule a test drive or to learn about our six-month warranty program. 

HiLo Auto Sales Tips: Teach Your Teen to Drive
October 06

HiLo Auto Sales Tips: Teach Your Teen to Drive

At HiLo Auto Sales in Maryland, we maintain a popular First Time Car Owner Program. The program allows our team to meet parents of first-time drivers, many of whom are understandably nervous about their teens becoming new drivers. 

First, we assure the parents and the new driver that our used autos are always thoroughly inspected before being placed on our sales lot. We offer a six-month/6000-mile warranty as part of each car or truck sale. Ensuring that your car or truck is safe is just one tip we give to drivers. 

Are you teaching your teen to drive? In addition to a safe car, here are some additional tips for parents nervous about teaching their teens to drive. 

Be the Good Driving Example

Kids learn from their parents. So, be the example of a safe driver. Not only are teens watching your driving skills, but they are also ready to learn about maintaining a car. It is the perfect time to discuss monthly car maintenance tips, changing a tire, and the importance of an emergency kit. (For information on these subjects, browse our blogs)

Does your insurance have a driver or roadside assistance program? As you add your teen to your policy, it is also the perfect time to explore roadside assistance programs. As you test-drive our used cars and trucks, ask your sales representative if the vehicle has OnStar. 

Be the example of a safe driver that is also prepared.

Distracted Driving

A distracted teen driver is a recipe for an accident. Set a No Distraction Policy with your teen from the start. Here are two policies that you may want to include in your family plan:

  1. No peer passengers in the car for at least the first six months.
  2. The smartphone rides in the backseat

For more tips, read this great blog from the National Safety Council.

Choose the Roads Less Traveled

Although we suggest that your teen learn to drive in various conditions, it is best to start slow and start early. As soon as your teen has their Learner's Permit, it is time to start practice drives, with you in the passenger's seat. 

Before your teen's first drive, scout out locations. Perhaps start in the parking lot of a closed retail store or even their school parking lot on the weekend. The first road may be in your neighborhood on a Sunday morning. 

If you work together to pre-scout locations, you will both feel less stress on the first day of driving together.  

Practice Driving the Car… A Lot

The time that your teen spends with a professional driving instructor should not be their only practice. In driving, practice makes perfect. Teens need a lot of practice driving under a wide range of driving conditions. 

Make a checklist of places and road conditions that your new driver may face in the first year. Here are a few examples:

  • An interstate including practice merging into traffic and safely exiting
  • The drive to their school or place of employment
  • A country or mountain road
  • Rush hour in your community
  • All kinds of weather conditions, including rain and freezing temperatures
  • Getting lost and finding your way  

Create a “practice bingo” card and look for opportunities for your teen to drive, with you in the passenger seat, under every condition on your list. 

Prepare for Bad-Weather Driving

It would be best if you had a variety of weather conditions on your practice bingo card. Ensure that your teen knows how to drive in the rain, wind, and freezing conditions. But driving is only one step. 

This is the perfect time to teach teens about the importance of being prepared for a surprise shift in weather. Maryland is known for summer thunderstorms and surprise snow and ice during commuting hours.

Set the example by being prepared. Review the importance of "Don't Drown, Turn Around" and make sure that all needed supplies are in the car's trunk. 

Welcome a Teen Driver

With pre-planning, practice, family guidelines, and the perfect auto, adding a teen driver to your household can be accomplished with less stress.

Contact HiLo Auto Sales, and we would be happy to tell you about our First Time Car Owner Program. What are you waiting for?

Maryland Fall Foliage Road Trip: Brought to You by HiLo Auto
September 20